Fear of change

fear of change quote

Is fear of change holding you back from the things you want to do?

I believe, If you are ready to make the third act the best time in your life, you first must conquer your fear of change. What do you think?

I know that this was the case for me

How long have you been living with the fear of change?

I've wanted to make some changes for quite some time. I kept telling myself everything will be OK as it is. Why go into the unknown.

We had a logical answer for everything, or so we thought.

My husband had a long commute to work. His office was moved further from our home. He didn't mind as it was probably only for a few years. He thought he might retire soon. 

We also had run into some debt but were not having any trouble meeting the payments. We would be clear of a mortgage next year.

The upkeep wasn't much fun, but we liked our house and neighborhood. 

We would need to sort out belongings and declutter, but we wanted our stuff, and the task would be overwhelming.

We wanted to be more active and maybe live somewhere that had a swimming pool, but we could start driving to the one in another area of our city.

Maybe a  smaller house on one level would better meet our needs as we age, but it might be too small if we had visitors.

We wanted to travel the world, but we had already got more behind us than most people. And we will do more next year.

I think you might be getting the picture. Maybe some of this kind of thinking sounds familiar?

What is your fear of change?

What are your fears?

Would you like to get more education, write a book start making art, improve your finances, move to another city, or join a club? 

What's making change difficult? 

It would help to get your journal and describe some of your fear of change.

Take some time.  Are you delighted? Is this exactly where you want to be, or would you like to start taking some baby steps towards an ideal future.

What to do to get over the fear of change

Next, we will look at facing your fear and how we can start to make small changes that will begin the process of propelling us forward.

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