Abundance: How to locate yours

The abundance of a sunset.the abundance of sunsets

Most of us want abundance in our life, however; many just don't see it. 

It is there none the less we just have to reach out and take it.

It is all around you

To start receiving more, we have first to see and appreciate the little things we have at this moment. We won't realize our greatest dreams until we can see what is already there. 

I know that it is difficult in the beginning especially if you are having trouble with daily finances or your not able to manifest your desires. Maybe you can start by taking baby steps as "practice makes perfect". 

finding your abundance

  1. Look around you. Everyone has some good things in their life. I can look out my window and see heaven on earth, that is how I choose to look at it. An animal playing nearby, the trees and flowers, my roses, and my coffee, these things are all part of my abundance. Check things out and notice that you probably have some shelter, food, clothing and maybe some relationships. 
  2. You might say that you see that, but you want more, the first step in finding more is an appreciation for what is already in front of you.
  3. Live life at the moment as much as possible. Have fun. Lift your vibration because it has to be in alignment with what it is you want to draw to you. 
  4. Look for it everywhere. What is it that you want. Seek it out. Look for it. You will be surprised at what will start happening. All these little synchronicities will reveal themselves to you. Follow them. 
  5. Believe that it is already there for you. 

find as many things as you can to appreciate

  • When you wake up tomorrow, write down or even just think about five things that you have in your life you appreciate. 
  • Pick one thing that you want in your life.
  • Start with something small that you believe could be possible.
  • Know in your heart that it is there for you because you desire it.

Remember, "Ask and it is given," period. Then for the next week just look for signs of it in your life.

Feel the joy. 

There are numerous ways to get your vibration to match your desires, here is a little sample. Find a song that you love or one that is inspirational. The example below really expresses appreciation. Use this one or one that speaks to you. Dance around with it if you can and see all the lovely things that are in your life now.

lyrics by Irving Berlin

share your manifestations with us

Come back and let us know how it works out for you. We can change the world by changing ourselves, and sending out our good feelings and encouragement to others. Let's not focus on what we don't want. In creating our world, we contribute to the greater world around us.

Stop paying attention to the bad things and look for all that is good and beautiful.

Are you feeling abundance?

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