About this website

by Elizabeth Anderson

Here is a little information about this website.

I am a  baby boomer just like you, trying to reimagine life in the third age.

I am what you might call a born researcher so when I started planning my future life, what do you think I started to do? Research, of course. I like finding people with whom I can share my passions and discoveries and would enjoy  passing any information that I find on to you. 

So many people that I talk to are going through the same changes as me along with doubts and fears pertaining to the future. I have friends and family dealing with health problems, financial problems, housing and loneliness to name a few. 

Maybe you are doing a lot of planning or going with the flow, in any case I would love it if you would share with our readers,  what you have discovered, what is working for you and how you will be planning your own third age.

Join in and help create a safe community for us boomers. 

You don't have to part of the baby boom generation to use this site. I would love to have had better information when I was young, maybe it would have saved me from some of the challenges I am haveing now. Who knows you may even find a friend or mentor. 

I am looking forward to growing and sharing and building this website. 

about me

I am an artist, avid reader, seeker, traveler and live on the Westcoast of Canada and spend time in Mexico in the winter. I have had several businesses and many  hobbies. ( a person with multi passions) I started a travel website a few years ago. 

I cook and bake but in recent years I have been trading in my old recipes for more healthy ones. 

I am in the process of working out what my third age will look like. I have some health issues and have been finding ways to deal with this in a natural way whenever possible. 

I have been reading hundreds of books on self-help, health, spiritual and mystic topics over the last 25 years. I have joined many online seminars and with Unity in my local community for a few years. This has helped me grow and have a clearer understanding of the direction that I want to take in life. 

You will also find me at www.babyboomersmusings.com  and 

here https://www.zazzle.com/store/elizabethandersonart

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