Third age of life: how to navigate your way

The third age of life can be scary, just like your first experience when becoming an adult. We manage; we grow; we become, at every stage, and this will be no different. Let us make it "all that it can be".

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I know that a transition is not easy; however if we don't begin to make the decisions that are best for us, choices will be done, no matter if we like them or not. Change is inevitable. 

On this site, we will cover as many topics as we can to help guide you to making this the best part of your life so far. 

It is never too late or too early to plan the stages of your life or to reimagine them.

The third age

I believe that baby boomers are not like previous generations and like everything we have done before we make it ours, and this includes what we do when we reach 65.

Many of us will live longer than our parents and our grandparents. We will not retire under the same circumstances or have the same outlook on retirement.

Most of us still have dreams and as Wayne Dyer once said,"don't die with your music still inside you".

I think things have changed so much that we do not just have childhood, adulthood, and retirement and then death.

What we are attempting to address here is a sort of second adulthood or what we are aware of as our "third age". We will probably have about 20 years or longer in this stage of our life before we reach the final chapter.

We will do it in our own unique way.

We all have different concerns

For some of us it is financial concerns, relationships with parents and grown children, downsizing, travel or maybe a second career is in the plans.

We will address these the very best way we can.

This site will be like a guide to help you every step of the way. 

We don't want you to feel alone in this; after all there are over 70 million of us facing these same issues. (Just is the U.S)

Find a pen, maybe grab a cup of tea, relax and get started.

"This could be the first day of your life."

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