health first is crucial

Putting health first is something most of us agree with, and yet so many of us ignore this until it catches up with us and bites.

health first

The very first thing for me, when I started planning my third age, was to try to get a handle on my health. I was one of those people that was taken by surprise when I started haveing some health issues. 

I hope that this is not the case for you. 

Whether you are haveing problems that need addressing, you still feel healthy, you need to sit up and take notice  right now. 

I believe that taking charge of your health will be the most important part of your future plan.

put your health first - only then can your future be wonderful

Food is a big issue and not necessarily because of weight although that could be something that you will need to deal with. 

I know from experience that pain sucks and so for many of us, we need to learn how to get pain free. Food and learning to reduce inflammation is a part of this. Also realizing that even if you are active you may not be moving in  the right way. 

Sometimes we need to let go of past hurts that we are storing in our body and learn about self-love.

It seems that diet and exercise are not all that we need in order to have longevity with health. It is so much more involved.

The people that are being studied in blue zones also had a great social life.They spent time  with friends and lots of laughter. Stress also plays a role. 

Your future depends on your health.

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